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Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher and musician I believe that we are never done learning and that it is never too late to try something new. I encourage my students to always ask themselves what it is about the flute and music that they enjoy and to always remember that, hold on it, and let it grow inside so that they can express it for themselves when they play their flute.


My classical background has firmly established the importance of technique, music theory, and the more cerebral aspects of music; however, I believe that it is not only possible but also necessary for us as musicians to combine this intellect with the emotion and passion that brought us to the music in the first place.

Staying Motivated

After a few months (or years) of progress a student can sometimes become a bit unmotivated. Maybe they aren't moving forward as quickly as they had been before or they just aren't as excited to play anymore.


This is a perfect time to introduce something new - extended techniques like singing and playing, multi-phonics, or harmonics will add a bit of excitement and flair to the lesson. The student doesn't feel as pressured to sound "perfect" because when you sing and play you don't need to sound perfect! For me, as the teacher, I can relax because I know that my student is re-energized and at the same time I also know that these modern techniques have a direct, positive impact on the students classical playing. It's a win - win!

Chamber Music and Performance

Many students want to play music with others. Even though music can be a solitary experience, it can also be a great way to get out with friends and play together. I encourage my students to embrace performance and chamber music opportunities and will work hard to make sure they are able to take advantage of the opportunities available here in Zürich, Switzerland.