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Teaching English as a Second Language

I have always been passionate about teaching. I love helping others achieve their goals, whether they are learning the flute, struggling with music theory, or working on their English. It always makes me feel good when I can help them make the next step forward, feel more comfortable with what they are learning, and become more independent along the way.

Deciding to become a TEFL certified English as a Second Language teacher was a very logical step for me. It has enabled me to travel, live, and work around the world and it has seriously supplemented the money I make as a music teacher. And, most importantly, it has been an enriching and wonderful experience.

I have been teaching English since 2014. I have worked in South Korea, Germany, and Switzerland and today I am happy to be a teacher at Speak English and English Sellers in Wängi and Winterthur.

Combining English with your Flute Lessons

It's important to stay motivated when learning a new language. There are only so many verb conjugations, tenses, and vocabulary lists that you can memorize before you get bored.

Taking flute lessons in English is a great way to practice the language while applying it to a practical skill - learning the flute! Perhaps you are an English speaking family in Zürich and you want your child to have another opportunity to speak English outside of the house but don't want to enroll them in another English class. Let's combine this valuable English practice with fun, private flute lessons!